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Your Daily Food Fix

eat. drink. enjoy!

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Eat. Drink. Enjoy!
****11/10/09 After beginning our week featured in the LJ Spotlight, we were infiltrated by a spammer, who has since been blocked and deleted. We were flooded with nearly 4000 spam entries, and worked feverishly to get the community cleaned up, with some help from LJ. Unfortunately, in the clean up, our "real" posts were wiped out, along with the Troll's. So, to see what we're all about, I suggest you go to our archives and work your way forward from the beginning. For the continued safety of the community, we are being diligent in checking out all new members, to be sure that they are valid LJers and not Trolls. We are also moderating all posts for the time being. On the bright side, we are proud of our growth to over 1000 members, and are thrilled with our community's reception so far. Thanks for your patience as we adjust to all the changes. Happy cooking!****

Love to cook? Not much of a cook, and need help? Enjoy sharing a great recipe? Spend your free time browsing cook books? This is the place for you. Post your favorite new recipe, or ask for ideas to spice up mealtime. Browse the archives for new things to try. Share a great article on food or wine. Include pictures of your culinary masterpiece-or disaster! Anything pertaining to food, and the preparation or eating of it, is what we're about.

This is a fairly new community. The original goal when dailyfoodie began was to have an extensive resource of food and entertaining ideas. I encourage you to post as often as you like, and help us to build up the community. We welcome recipes-and cooks- of all skill levels. Please be sure to check out the tags, and tag your recipes accordingly for easy access. Thanks for your interest! Let's get started!

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Community Guidelines:

~ Play nice. Treat other members with respect, and remember what your mama taught you- if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

~ If you are posting more than one picture, or a particularly lengthy recipe, please place them behind a cut. We reserve the right to deny approval for long, un-cut posts.

~ When posting a recipe, please tag it with type of recipe (entree, dessert, beverage, etc.), level of difficulty, and any other key words that a person might use to find it later (casserole, crock-pot, beef, vegetarian, etc.).

~ If you are posting a recipe that you got from a cookbook or website, please credit accordingly.

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