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martina_d  would probably liken me to playing the role of… 
10th-Nov-2009 10:00 pm
[info]martina_d  would probably liken me to playing the role of bad cop. *grins* i'm actually quite good at that and especially proud of it. :D

as everyone is well aware today has been one heck of a day over at the dailyfoodie community. it started bright and early with a text message from me to martina_d  saying something along the lines of "your community got hit by a spammer". what neither one of us knew at that time was exactly to what extent her community had been hit.

unfortunately, because of this there were a lot of changes put into place such as post moderating as well as membership approval.

this is where i play the role of bad cop.  martina_d has entrusted me with the review of and approval process for members into the community.

to make sure someone doesn't damage this community as badly as what happened today in order to be approved members will need to have an established LJ that has some volume of entries, some number of friends, some common interests and possible other communities that you are a member of or watching. i realize this might seem tough but for right now this is just something that will have to be done...

if your membership was declined today it probably has to do with one of the various reasons above.  i'll admit i may be slightly over-protective of both dailyfoodie and martina_d at the moment, but that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

please feel free to message me if you've been declined and i'm more than happy to explain why.
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