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10th-Nov-2009 10:00 pm(no subject)
[info]martina_d  would probably liken me to playing the role of bad cop. *grins* i'm actually quite good at that and especially proud of it. :D

as everyone is well aware today has been one heck of a day over at the dailyfoodie community. it started bright and early with a text message from me to martina_d  saying something along the lines of "your community got hit by a spammer". what neither one of us knew at that time was exactly to what extent her community had been hit.

unfortunately, because of this there were a lot of changes put into place such as post moderating as well as membership approval.

this is where i play the role of bad cop.  martina_d has entrusted me with the review of and approval process for members into the community.

to make sure someone doesn't damage this community as badly as what happened today in order to be approved members will need to have an established LJ that has some volume of entries, some number of friends, some common interests and possible other communities that you are a member of or watching. i realize this might seem tough but for right now this is just something that will have to be done...

if your membership was declined today it probably has to do with one of the various reasons above.  i'll admit i may be slightly over-protective of both dailyfoodie and martina_d at the moment, but that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

please feel free to message me if you've been declined and i'm more than happy to explain why.
Yet another first post, amoung the new people of the community. ~waves~ 

I like to experiment in cooking - usually adding a little more to something - and one of my favourite things to eat/experiment with is potatoes in all forms.

I know this sounds quite simplistic, but substituting sour cream instead of milk in mashed potatoes tastes so much better - and more butter never hurts. I make my mashed potatoes in the way I would fix my baked potato, and get a lot of compliments for that method. I even add the bacon bits and cheddar cheese sometimes.

I have no idea if this is helpful, but I hope it peaks someone's interest at the very least :)

9th-Nov-2009 06:47 pm - Crockpot comfort!
Of course I found this though LJ spotlight, and it seems to be the community I've been looking for! I'm incredibly interested in crockpot cooking, even though, I actually don't use my slow cooker as often as I thought I would. But there is one recipe I nearly always cook in the crockpot that I've been tweaking slowly since I started making it, and that is chipotle corn chowder.
This recipe could easily be adapted to be vegetarian, although we do often put bacon in it. But it really is delicious, easy and great for these winter evenings. It's pretty healthy for you--as far as chowders go, because I make it with skim milk, and just a touch cream, although next time I make it, we're omitting the cream from the recipe and garnishing it with fat free sour cream.

I don't measure, so I'll just let you know what I do

I cook a few slices of bacon, (4-6 depending on the size) and while it is cooking I chop up: 1-2 medium potatoes, a large carrot or two medium ones, a red bell pepper, half a red onion, and 1-2 canned chipolte peppers in adobo sauce. Then I sautee that in a little butter or olive oil (I guess you could use the bacon drippings as well, but I don't like the little burned pieces in my food, sooo, your choice).

When those are just starting to get tender throw a chopped clove or two of garlic in. Put that in a few minutes after you've started sauteeing the other vegetables to keep it from burning. And then when they are just starting to get crisp-tender, take them off the heat. Crumble the bacon, add it to the vegetables and throw it all in the crock pot. Then I just add a bag of frozen corn, some milk (I use skim, but you could use whole for a creamier, although high fat consistancy) and a dash of cream. And then cook it for a few hours. If it's not thick enough for you, you can melt some butter in a pan, and add some flour, then add it to the soup. We've had good luck just simmering it on the stove top, but it really is pretty simple and delicious to make. And it's very filling.

Enjoy. I'd love to hear about any changes you would do, as this is a recipe in progress in my kitchen.
9th-Nov-2009 12:13 pm - New Foodie!
Hi everyone! I've been looking for a good foodie community here on LJ for a while and am happy to have found you. My husband and I write a food blog over at Two Boos Who Eat and just attended our first food blogger festival. It was a blast. I'd love to go to more.

I look forward to being a part of your community and can't wait to read more entries. :)
I come from a family of picky eaters. I personally have never been this way, barring the fact that for about 5 years I was a vegetarian. I have since reformed my ways, and have incorporated fish into my diet, but still enjoy cooking with no animal protein. My family, on the other hand, makes snooty remarks like, "hippie food" etc. But recently the joke was on them, because I made a double batch of this stew, and they all LOVED it. HA.
The sneaky veg stew.Collapse )
Helllooooo all. I am new to this community, and incredibly happy to be here! I have been looking for just a place like this to keep a log of the random concoctions my kitchen has been bringing forth as of late. I love to experiment, and have not had a great place to share when these things turn out lovely.
Here is my most recentCollapse )
9th-Nov-2009 08:56 am - Hey I'm new
Lori smile
I wanted to share this recipe. My fiance and I make these all the time. It's best actually if you make them and freeze them and cook them later. (They cook better). BTW It says they make like 48, but not the size we do... it's like maybe 20?


We actually use regular cabbage, ground turkey, tahini or olive oil (instead of sesame oil) and black pepper. It's not picky on the inside ingredients!

We make them and some steamed rice, and it's yummy!

It's not too hard, but make sure you have some time. It goes a lot quicker if two people are making it. You need extra flour, a rolling pin. We make a bunch of them, freeze them, then they only take 10 mins or so to cook when you want them.
Self Portrait
Hey everyone, this is my first post here, and I have some recipes and ideas to share with you all. I'm not exactly a professional cook, but when I host dinners or cook even simple lunches, everyone is happy with what I make, and I always make it with love.
You will notice that in my suggestions here I usually do not use approximate amounts for ingredients. This is because I believe in eyeballing it when it comes to easy foods, and there's nothing I like better than easy foods! All of what I post a monkey could make.

I also write in kind of a casual way because I think even recipes should be fun to read!

The following post contains:

Things You May Not Have Thought to Add To Scrambled Eggs
and the quick'n'dirty way to make 'em

I have a few more recipes, including my honey roast chicken and gentle-spiced chicken breasts, both of which are great hits whenever I make dinner. For now though, just have some tips on scrambled eggs.
And I apologise to those for whom this is "teaching grandmother to suck eggs."

Alright kiddo, let's see what'cha got!Collapse )

To some of you all this is basic easy stuff. But, around where I live, surprisingly few people know of good stuff to throw eggs into, and only eat eggs one way - Sunny side up. If even one person benefits from my foodie ramblings then all's well!
5th-Oct-2009 05:29 pm - Rolled Oats
Who knows how to cook 'em, like for breakfast? Not the instant kind, like you get in a packet, but you know, real oatmeal? And I need it not to take forever to accomplish.

I need to know badlike.
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